Arrival of Delegates

Symeon Tsomokos, President, Delphi Economic Forum 

Chair: Christos Folias, f. Minister of Development, CEO "Folias and Associates"

Official opening and keynote speech: 

Keynote Speech:

  • Chrystalla Georghadji, Governor, Central Bank of Cyprus

Keynote Speech:


Signing: Memorandum of Understanding
Session 5 | Greece: a multi-level crossroad - Greece and the Arab World

Chair: Faysal Abou Zaki, Deputy CEO of Al-Iktissad Wal-Aamal Group

            Symeon Tsomokos, President, Delphi Economic Forum


Lead speeches: 

  •   Constantine Michalos, President, Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  •   Petros Doukas, Chairman, Capital Partners S.A.
  •   Rashad Mabger, Secretary General, Arab Hellenic Chamber of Commerce
  •   Socrates Lazaridis, CEO, Athens Exchange Group
  •   Panagiotis Mihalos, Chairman Business Councils GCC Countries, CEO Orion Capital / Southeast S.A.
  •   Konstantinos Bitsios, Executive Vice Chairman, SEV Hellenic Federation of Enterprises
  •   Charalampos Papaspyros, Vice President of BoD, Hellenic Aerospace Industry
  •   George Tsipras, Head of the Economic Office of the Prime MInister of the Hellenic Republic

Break - Light Lunch
Session 6 | Economic alliance, looking for the full potential: Infrastructure, Tourism, Trade, Real Estate

Chair: Alexia Tasouli, Journalist 

Elena Kountoura, Minister of Tourism, Hellenic Republic

Part 1 

  • Hisham Ayoub, Foreign Investors Association, Vice President, Bahrain
  • Mario Lopez-Roldan, Technical Secretary, OECD Greece, Joint Steering Committee  

Part 2 

  • Vincent Reina, President, Arab-French Chamber of Commerce
  • Lady Olga Maitland, Chair, The Algeria British Business Council/British-Algerian Chamber
  • Athina Spakouri, Deputy Head, Directorate-General of Promotion/Head Directorate of Administration, GNTO

Session 7 | Shipping

Chair: Christos Konstas, Journalist 

  • Dr. Stratos Papadimitriou, adviser to Captain P.N. Tsakos, founder of the Tsakos Group of Companies
  • Camille Egloff, Partner & Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group
  • Khamis Juma Buamim, MoB of Directors, Managing Director, Gulf Navigation Holding PJSC

Session 8 | Prospects and Patterns: Next steps for a revitalized relationship between Europe & the Arab World

Chair: Dr. Amal Daraghmeh Masri, Editor in Chief, Middle East Business News & Magazine, Ougarit Group 

Session 9 | Intercultural communication & Education

Chair: Prof. Dr. Christian Werner, President of the International University Network IUN world 

Conclusions - Cocktails/Dinner - End of Summit